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Ceramic Capacitors Handle High Current

AVX’s RoHS-compliant medium-and high-voltage ceramic capacitors are suitable for high-current applications, such as dc-blocking. For medium voltage (up to 500 V), applications such as input/output filtering in switchmode power supplies (SMPS), the SK Series provides a robust solution that has been specially designed to handle high currents and is suitable for commercial SMPS applications.

In higher voltage systems (up to 5 kV), the SV Series of high-voltage MLC radial capacitors has a very high capacitance value in a very small case size, such as 1.2 μF in the SV17 package. The capacitor also exhibits low ESR at high frequencies and has low leakage characteristics.

Both versions are offered in COG and X7R dieletrics with Z5U for the SK only. The capacitors are conformally coated with high insulation resistance, high dielectric strength epoxy that eliminates the possibility of arc flashover.

Pricing typically starts at $1.25 for small volumes for both the SK and SV series.
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