Power Electronics

Cap-Loc(tm) System for Mounting Capacitors

Interplex Industries has introduced its new Cap-Loc(tm) system, a product designed for mounting electrolytic capacitors onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). The Cap-Loc system is a completely solderless electrical and mechanical mounting system for electrolytic capacitors that eliminates the secondary processes and technologies like soldering, adhesives, or clamps commonly used to make electrical and/or mechanical connections to PCB's. This capacitor mounting system is designed to withstand the rigors of automotive applications and other mobility type products with operating temperatures up to 125° C.

The Cap-Loc™ product is designed to accommodate 18mm diameter capacitor bodies with lengths up to 42mm. It is uniquely featured with a strong mechanical hold onto the crimp area of the capacitor but compliant enough to accommodate the large tolerances that can be found among various capacitor manufacturers. Electrically, there is 1m? of contact resistance between the lead and the PCB. This low resistance is achieved through use of a high 2Kg normal force solderless interconnect system. This Cap-Loc system features a strain-relief design to protect the capacitor leads and utilizes Interplex's 0.8mm press-fit interconnect technology for the PCB interconnect which is proven to withstand the high vibration environments of the automotive industry.

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