Power Electronics

AVX Expands High-Voltage Capacitor Ratings

AVX Corporation has further expanded its high-voltage surface mount capacitor offering to include smaller case sizes, higher voltage ranges and higher capacitance values. AVX's high-voltage ceramic capacitors are now available in case sizes ranging from 0805 to 3640 with voltage ratings from 600V to 5000V and capacitance values of 10pF to 0.56uF.

"Today's applications require the electronics designer to meet more challenging requirements in terms of functionality and circuit density. As a result, we are seeing an increased demand for higher capacitance values and higher voltage ratings in applications such as power supplies or those found in specialized equipment in the telecom, communications, military, aerospace and medical sectors," said Scott Harris, global product manager for high voltage products. "Our recent developments in ceramics manufacturing have allowed AVX to make some significant advancements for capacitance values and voltage ratings in a given case size. In several instances, what we provided a customer a year ago in a large style case size is now available in one or two case sizes smaller."

These new values are available in all terminations including tin, tin/lead, and AVX's flexible termination called Flexiterm(tm). The award-winning Flexiterm technology was developed to prevent flexture cracks and minimize thermal issues with ceramic devices and is available for voltage ratings up to 3,000V.

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