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Power Electronics
Automotive Grade Film Capacitors

Automotive Grade Film Capacitors

KEMET introduced automotive grade film capacitors. The F862 Metallized Polypropylene Film Class X2 Series is specifically designed for safety applications subject to harsh environmental conditions such as high humidity.

 The F862 Series, available in capacitances up to 4.7 microfarads and rated voltages up to 310 VAC features fully-approved RFI X2 capacitors for noise filtering and peak voltage protection when connected parallel to the mains, or in series such as in a smart meter. New design enhancements resist traditional capacitance-loss mechanisms, allowing for long-term high stability. Additionally, the F862 Series meets the demanding Automotive Electronics Council's AEC-Q200 qualification requirements, passing 1,000 hours life testing at 85°C with 85% relative humidity at rated voltage of 240 VAC.

KEMET's latest generation of safety film capacitors offer excellent stability in severe ambient conditions. These capacitors are used in a variety of AC applications that require AEC-Q200 compliance.

Typical usage includes connection in series with the mains, capacitive power supplies and energy meters where harsh conditions such as high humidity are of concern.

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