Power Electronics

Aluminum Electrolytics rated to 500 V

The new Hitachi HCGW capacitor series are high voltage aluminum electrolytic models rated for 350 V, 400 V, 450 V and 500 V. Their capacitance ranges from 5,600 μF to 39,000 μF, and they have a life rating to 2000 hrs at 85°C. The maximum ripple current for the series ranges from 13.7 A to 46.2 A.

Tolerence for the series is ±20%. Maximum leakage current is 7 mA. ESR ranges from 10 mΩ to 62 mΩ; ESL ranges from 23 nH to 30 nH.

These capacitors are designed to reduce the number of capacitors previously required for high voltage applications. Custom model requests are supported. Contact Hitachi for pricing and availability.

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