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Acquisitions Expand Capacitor Maker’s Capabilities

Electrocube, a manufacturer of precision capacitors and other passive components, has acquired F-Dyne Electronics and its subsidiary, Southern Electronics. F-Dyne and Southern have supplied capacitors and passive components since 1973. John Strickland, President of F-Dyne Electronics, will continue in a supporting role for the acquired companies.

For over 45 years, Electrocube has designed and manufactured ac and dc film capacitors, R-C networks, IGBT snubbers, EMI, RFI and EMC filters, aluminum foil transformers and other custom design components. The acquisition of F-Dyne and Southern will enable Electrocube to expand their capabilities as a supplier of capacitors and custom engineering services. Electrocube is ISO 9001:2000/AS 9100:2004 Rev. B-registered.

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