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AC Film Capacitor Series for Class X2 Interference Suppression in Power & RF Applications

AC Film Capacitor Series for Class X2 Interference Suppression in Power & RF Applications

AVX Corp. has introduced the  FV Series AC film capacitors. Designed to provide Class X2 interference suppression, FV Series metallized polypropylene film capacitors are rated for 305Vrms and exhibit self-healing properties, high moisture resistance, high tolerance for over voltage stress, and excellent active and passive flame resistant capabilities, which makes them ideal for use as across-the-line capacitors, EMI filters, and spark-killer circuits in a host of power and RF applications.

Non-inductively wound with metallized polypropylene film as both the dielectric and electrode, FV Series capacitors are encapsulated in a solvent and flame-resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic case sealed with epoxy resin, and bear several internationally-recognized safety approvals, including: UL/cUL, ENEC-VDE, KC, and CQC.

FV Series capacitors are available in 36 case sizes (each with two leads measuring either 3.5 mm or 22 mm in length), two tolerances (±10% or ±20%), two frequencies (50 Hz or 60 Hz), and with capacitance values spanning 0.01 µF to 10 µF. Rated for use in temperatures spanning -40 °C to +110 °C, FV Series capacitors also exhibit excellent insulation resistance, high dielectric strength (1,312 VDC for up to 60 seconds or 2,000 VDC for up to 2 seconds), and long lifetimes of up to 100,000 hours at rated voltage and 70 °C. Halogen-free options are available upon request.


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