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851 Range Connector Available in an RoHS Version with QPL Accreditation

SOURIAU´s black Zinc Nickel version enables users of industrial and aeronautical equipment to comply with the latest RoHS directives. It can guarantee the same electrical and physical characteristics as the cadmium solution, particularly in terms of salt spray resistance (500 hours). In addition, an RoHS Zinc Nickel 851 connector can be mated with a cadmium connector without generating a galvanic couple; the same is true of accessories such as adaptors.

This is currently the only surface treatment to have received RoHS approval as an alternative to Cadmium. All the connectors of the 851 range, including series I inserts and housing, are available in a black Zinc Nickel version.

On the Mil DTL 26482 Series I range, SOURIAU teams have industrialized the more environmentally friendly Zinc Nickel plate process which has already been used for many years in other markets such as aeronautics. These processes have the advantage of being more cost-effective and more advanced than other solutions, but above all, they allow to offer qualified products which adhere to a standard and a large-scale deployment.

Connectors in the Zinc Nickel 851 range can withstand temperatures between -55°C and +125°C, and the Zinc Nickel protection conforms to the ASTM B841 standard in terms of salt spray resistance up to 500 hours and its non-reflective Black coloring.

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