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8 mΩ 0402 Size Chip and a 5 mΩ In 0603 Size

8 mΩ 0402 Size Chip and a 5 mΩ In 0603 Size

Stackpole's CSRF Series, a foil on ceramic current sense chip resistor, offers resistance values among the lowest in the industry in 0402 and 0603 chip sizes. The CSRF0402-HP offers resistance values down to 8 milliohm with TCR of 200 ppm while the CSRF0603 can achieve resistance values down to 5 milliohm with 150 ppm TCR. This outstanding combination of small size, low resistance, and low TCR mean more efficient and more accurate power management for a wide range of portable consumer electronics.

Pricing for the CSRF depends on size, resistance value, and tolerance and ranges from $0.15 to $0.20 each in full reel quantities.

Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributor partners for volume pricing. Many popular values are in stock either directly through Stackpole or through distribution.

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