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2200µF PulsecapTM Tantalum Capacitors In A Low Profile Package

AVX Corporation has developed a new high capacitance PulseCap capacitor in a low profile package. The capacitors are designed for applications such as PCMCIA/USB wireless express cards where bulk capacitance is needed to boost transmitter power. These large case size tantalum products are rated at 2200µF (2.2mF) / 6.3V. A maximum case height of 2mm makes them ideal for reduced-height applications. The 'undertab' termination style - where traditional 'J' leads are replaced by terminations that do not protrude outside of the outline of the case - increases volumetric efficiency and allows parts to be positioned very closely together, delivering significant space savings.

PulseCap devices are RoHS compatible and capable of withstanding a soldering profile of 3x reflow at 260C. Operating temperature range is -55C to +125C. Other applications include wireless data cards, metering and sensors.

"Our new PulseCap capacitors complement our BestCap® low ESR devices. In contrast to other large case size, large capacitance devices, PulseCaps are true surface mount devices capable of withstanding lead-free reflow process assembly. They also save more space on a PCB and offer excellent surge robustness," said Thomas Zednicek, AVX technical marketing manager.

Pricing typically starts at $2.20 each and are available in volume with a typical lead time of 14 weeks.
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