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0402 Multilayer Inductors With High Q

0402 Multilayer Inductors With High Q

TDK Corporation has expanded its portfolio of MHQ-P high Q multilayer inductors with the miniature MHQ0402P series in case size IEC 0402. Measuring just 0.44 mm x 0.24 mm x 0.24 mm, the new inductors feature the highest Q factor for any multilayer inductor of its size* and are suitable for RF applications such as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Mass production began in February 2014.

The MHQ0402P series achieves a Q factor of 20 at 1.0 GHz and an inductance of 0.2 nH. This value is more than 30 percent higher than that of TDK's existing MLG0402Q series. The achievement of such a high Q factor in extremely compact package was made possible by the use of TDK's proprietary dielectric materials technology and an internal electrode cross-section design with a high aspect ratio, combined with an optimized L-shaped terminal layout. The new 0402 components have a volume that is 70 percent smaller and a footprint that is 53 percent smaller than the MHQ0603P series (0.65 mm x 0.35 mm x 0.35 mm), the smallest MHQ-P high Q product to date.

Thanks to its miniature size and high Q, the new multilayer inductors are designed to make RF circuits in multifunctional mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets even more efficient. The MHQ0402P series joins TDK's existing MHQ0603P and MHQ1005P (1.0 mm x 0.6 mm x 0.5 mm) high Q series to form a versatile lineup of solutions for a very wide range of applications.


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