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Zero Emission Vehicle Undergoes Road Tests

5/19/2003 Edited byPETech Staff Zero Emission Vehicle Undergoes Road Tests Electrovaya Inc. recently took part in the Tour De Sol car rally and further tested its prototype Zero Emission Vehicle, Maya 100. The test results were encouraging, with excellent performance from the dc motor, drive train, and onboard dc power source, including Electrovaya's patented lithium ion Superpolymer® battery.

Acceleration of the Maya 100 was good and tested successfully the novel concept (patent pending) of an integrated systems approach to thermal management, acceleration, hill climbing, and top speed. The weight of the vehicle was well balanced, and the vehicle passed tests on acceleration, hill climbing, speed, slalom, braking distance, and other mechanical and performance tests. The vehicle later developed a major electrical malfunction, and was pulled out of the Tour de Sol. Some additional modifications on the vehicle are being carried out, and further road tests will resume shortly.

For more information, visit www.electrovaya.com.

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