Power Electronics

Zener Diode Series Has Low Breakdown Voltage

Central Semiconductor, manufacturer of discrete semiconductors, recently released the CMXSTB Series surface-mount stabistors packaged in the SOT-26 case. This new series consists of the 1.2-V CMXSTB200, the 1.8-V CMXSTB300 and the 2.5-V CMXSTB400. These devices function as very low-voltage Zener diodes and are ideal for voltage regulating and meter protection applications. Special selection of dc parameters including forward voltage at various test conditions is available upon request.

The CMXSTB Series devices are available bulk-packed or 3000 pieces on 7-in. tape and reel. Prices for the CMXSTB series start at $0.24 each for 3000 pieces on a 7-in. reel. Sample devices are available upon request.

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