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XPiQ Launches Web Site for Medical Market

XPiQ Inc. recently announced its new website www.xpiqmedical.com. The site features power supplies with medical safety approvals specially designed for applications within the medical industry. XPiQ’s new website focuses on patient vicinity and laboratory environment applications, and also provides links to its commercial and custom power solutions. The company offers a wide selection of medical approved, ac-dc power supplies ranging from 25 W to 450 W. All models are approved to UL 2601, CSA 22.2-601, and IEC 601-1 medical standards.

Designed for easy navigation and quick product access, XPiQ’s new medical site provides detailed information on each product series listing model numbers, full technical specifications and safety agency approvals. Also available are product data sheets in PDF format for downloading.

Highlights of www.xpiqmedical.com include XPiQ’s new product releases and applications notes, as well as contact information and a glossary of industry terms. The site was designed to be an information support tool for medical equipment design engineers looking for guidelines on medical safety requirements and useful links.

For more information, visit www.xpiq.com or www.xpiqmedical.com.

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