Power Electronics

Wirewound Resistors Perform Precision Current Sensing

Ohmite Manufacturing has introduced a Current Sense extension to its 10 Series. These axial-lead precision wirewound resistors are specifically designed for low-resistance applications requiring the highest accuracy and temperature stability. This 4-terminal version is specially designed for use in a Kelvin configuration, in which a current is applied through two opposite leads and sensing voltage is measured across the other two leads. The 4-terminal design also results in a lower temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and lower self-heating drift, which may be experienced on 2-terminal resistors.

The 10 Series offers a 1% tolerance standard, low inductance below 0.25 Ω, tinned copper leads and RoHS compliance. Power ratings of 3 W, 4.5 W and 7 W are available as standard items. These products offer resistance ranges from 0.005 Ω to 0.100 Ω standard, with operating temperature from -55°C to +275°C, and exceed the requirements of MIL-PRF-49465. Pricing ranges from $2.31 to $3.12 each in quantities of 500.

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