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Wire-wound Power Inductors for DC-DC Converter Applications Have Low Profile

TAIYO YUDEN (U.S.A.) INC.'s NR3012 Series of 1.2-mm × 3-mm × 3-mm power inductors completes the company's extensive offering of low-profile wire-wound inductors for power circuit applications in battery-powered portable electronic equipment. Now available in 65 different models in both 3-mm × 3-mm and 4-mm × 4-mm low-profile form factors, the 1.2-mm-height NR3012 series greatly increases dc-dc converter design flexibility by allowing engineers to optimize inductor performance via the best combination of case size, profile, current rating and resistance (Rdc) characteristics. Other 3-mm × 3-mm power inductors, available in 1.0-mm (NR3010) and 1.5-mm heights (NR3015), were optimized for cell phones and digital cameras, respectively. The 11 models in the new NR3012 series offer high conversion efficiency, high rated current (250 mA to 1490 mA) and high inductance ratings (1.0 µH to 47 µH). The NR3012 Series allows engineers to optimize their dc-dc converter designs through an even broader selection of possible combinations of power inductor case size, profile, Rdc value and current rating.

The rapid development of multi-function, feature-rich cell phones, PDAs, still cameras, camcorders and other portable digital equipment has greatly increased the number of end-device ICs, driving the need for very low-profile inductors capable of converting battery-supplied current into many different voltage levels. The new NR3012 Series provides high current from small component size. This is achieved through a unique sleeveless square-core winding that successfully eliminates all wasted space and thickens the lead wire inside the inductor to achieve the lowest possible Rdc.

Moreover, the NR Series' special ferrite-based resin covering further reduces component size and enables higher current. The sleeveless structure also provides superior mechanical shock resistance, an essential characteristic for cell phones. In drop tests onto concrete from 6 ft (1.8 m), NR Series inductors experienced negligible failure rates due to cracking, disassembly or separation from the test PCB. The NR3012 Series of power inductors is available in production quantities for $0.30 each.

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