Power Electronics

Wire-Wound Chokes

Murata Electronics North America’s new LQH2MC Series wire-wound choke inductor provides a wide inductance range with the maximum height of 0.95 mm, allowing for lower profile designs. It is designed for all general and choke applications, but is especially suitable for cellular white LED applications.

The LQH2MC can be used by developers of white LED drives, dc-dc converters (LCD panels) and other applications where height is a major restriction. Features include a wide inductance range (10 µH to ~82 µH: E12 series), low-profile dimension (0.95-mm maximum), small size of 0806 (2 mm x 1.6 mm) and a high rated current (225 mA at 10 µH). The LQH2M series is lead free. Samples are currently available at $0.25 per unit.

For more information, visit www.murata.com.

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