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White papers cover PV, OLED technologies

Messe München has just published two white papers that discuss the current state of the Photovoltaic (PV) and Organic Electronics (OE) markets.

"The worldwide photovoltaic market - a bright spot in a dark world economy" discusses industry trends, market size, advances towards grid parity (in which solar-generated and conventionally-generated electricity costs are essentially equal) and the status of technologies including thin film (amorphous), cadmium telluride, copper indium (di)selenide(CIGS), gallium arsenide and organic photovoltaics. The paper also briefly covers concentrated (thermal) solar power in relation to solar photovoltaic generation.

"The promise of organic electronics - previously-unimaginable innovative products" discusses OE industry trends, market size, needed improvements, and the status of technologies including bi-lateral charge transport, AMOLEDs, PMOLEDs and electroluminescence. The paper also mentions challenges and needed industry changes.
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