White paper explores servomotor options for solar applications

Brushless servomotors with integrated motion control electronics continue to expand into new solar tracking and other solar power applications based on their ease of installation, compact size, and lower cost compared to separate drives, connectors, and cabling. However, OEM system developers will benefit from not specifying and purchasing more control features and functionality than their applications require.

A new white paper from solar industry motor manufacturer Dunkermotor identifies and discusses seven control topologies that enable solar power system design engineers to choose what best suits their application without overspecifying.

Today's technology brings servo manufacturers many options when it comes to designing their motor drives and controls.In the case of the end user or custom machine builder, they may prefer to have a full-featured drive that can be used in all of their applications, most of which are unique.

Solar power system OEMs, on the other hand, cannot afford unnecessary features and hardware if they are to remain competitive. Therefore, the OEM requires a servo drive with features that are tailored to the application at a price reflecting those features.

The new white paper discusses seven different levels of capability of integrated servomotor and drive combinations, ranging from simple integrated commutation electronics to fieldbus distributed control arrangements, such as CANopen, Profibus and EtherCAT. Also discussed are motors with integrated master electronics that don't require a higher level controller, are freely programmable, and can control slave node motors.

Servomotors with integrated electronics increase reliability due to the close proximity of the drive and control electronics to the motor itself, virtually eliminating the possibility of interference from the outside world. Having the electronics inside the motor also reduces panel space, saving cost in materials as well as time in wiring.

The white paper, titled "Why Pay for More Than You Need?" may be downloaded from the Dunkermotor website.

For more information, contact Dunkermotor, 2511 Technology Dr., Suite 105, Elgin, IL 60124. Phone: (224) 293-1300.

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