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Web Tool Simplifies Online Part Configuration of Amphenol Connectors

Amphenol Industrial Global Operations offers a web-based tool that simplifies online part selection and configuration of its most popular connectors. This new tool allows users to download 3D CAD models or PDFs of the connectors that they have created using this new system.

Found under the 'Design Online' section of the Amphenol Industrial website, this new interface provides on-demand plug and play models to customers during any phase of the design process.

Amphenol's Design Online system is an intuitive interface that features industrial parametric search capabilities. It is available for use with six of Amphenol's core product series, including 97 Series, AC Threaded, ACA-B Series, Amphe-Lite Series, GT Series and PT Series/26482 Series I, with additional expansions planned. Design Online can currently generate over 16,000 models to meet a wide variety of customer specifications.

Users simply choose a product line and select connector attributes to automatically configure a part number, then pick all applicable part modifications. Any documents for the configured part number, including a 3D CAD model (offering 18 different 3D CAD software options), a 3D PDF, a 2D drawing, catalog and technical data sheet, can easily be downloaded.

Design Online can be accessed by simply clicking on the 'Design Online' icon on the Amphenol Industrial home page. Users can also type design.amphenol-industrial.com in their browser.

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