Power Electronics

Web Tool Configures AC-DC Power Supplies

Vicor has released a flexible, online configuration tool for its Westcor Division’s ac-dc power supply product line. Vicor Systems Product Online Configurator (VSPOC) is a proprietary online system that enables a registered user to specify and verify complete power solutions in real time. The system is fully integrated with Westcor manufacturing operations. Once the user approves the product configuration, a bill of materials is generated and an order can be placed immediately. By using Vicor’s wide range of dc-dc converter modules as a base, Westcor is able to offer a broad range of power factor-corrected ac-dc supplies with complete user configurability and high efficiency.

The benefits of this new configuration tool — VSPOC — along with Vicor’s Prototype Express ordering program, are designed to make product selection of ac-dc power solutions simpler and faster for power designers. A new feature called My Designs allows users to save all of their designs generated from Vicor’s design and configurating tools – VDAC, VCAD and VSPOC – and easily access them for future review and editing. VSPOC, along with the rest of Vicor’s comprehensive power conversion design tools, is readily accessible at www.vicorpower.com.

Prototype quantities of new designs are typically delivered in less than six weeks. Unit pricing will depend on the user's specific requirements and power level.

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