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Wafer Fab Installs BCD Process

MagnaChip Semiconductor (MagnaChip), a worldwide semiconductor foundry, and Advanced Analogic Technologies (AnalogicTech), a developer of power management semiconductors, have announced the installation of AnalogicTech’s proprietary 0.35-micron multi-voltage mixed-signal ModularBCD process technology in MagnaChip’s advanced 200-mm submicron fabrication facilities in Seoul, South Korea.

AnalogicTech will produce its next-generation power management integrated circuits using ModularBCD wafers manufactured in MagnaChip’s high-volume wafer-fab facilities. Volume production is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2006. The ModularBCD devices—boasting higher efficiency, smaller size, new features and higher levels of integration than present solutions—are designed to manage power and extend battery life in mobile consumer electronic products.

Rather than adapting aging linear-IC legacy fabs or generic digital CMOS foundry processes, ModularBCD represents the first of a new generation of analog, power and mixed-signal IC technologies especially created for high-tech wafer fabrication and suitable for manufacture in ex-DRAM fabs. The process monolithically integrates fully isolated CMOS at 3 V, 5 V and 12 V, with high-speed complementary bipolar transistors and robust 30-V DMOS power devices without the need for expensive processes. As a result, ModularBCD makes single-chip mixed-signal and system ICs technically and economically feasible.

In addition to manufacturing for AnalogicTech, MagnaChip is licensed to produce ModularBCD wafers for products that do not compete directly with AnalogicTech’s power management offerings. Applications that may benefit from ModularBCD technology include motor drivers, data converters, line drivers, display drivers, automotive ICs, mechatronics, analog IC standard products and various mixed-signal applications. The innovative process technology helps MagnaChip to productively use existing facilities previously used to manufacture complex high-density DRAMs.

“This agreement with AnalogicTech is in line with our strategy to specialize our foundry services in the high-voltage, power and mixed-signal IC markets, while expanding our existing business portfolio in analog semiconductors,” said Channy Lee, executive vice president and general manager of semiconductor manufacturing services at MagnaChip. “Our cost-efficient business model and advanced manufacturing services in specialized technology will help our valued customers expand and differentiate their product portfolio in today’s competitive IC market.”

For more information, contact Youngjae Chang, PR manager, MagnaChip Semiconductor, [email protected], or Erik Ogren, [email protected]

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