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VPT Receives Qualification by Defense Logistics Agency

VPT Inc., a provider of power conversion products for military, aerospace, space, and other high reliability markets, has been awarded Qualification of Materials and Processes effective immediately by the Defense Logistics Agency to MIL-PRF-38534, Hybrid Microcircuits, FSC 5962. This qualification designation enables military designers to procure products with qualified components more quickly and affordably.

As a result of qualification of VPT's materials, the following dc-dc power converters will now be on the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) by similarity:

  • DVSA Series: DVSA2805S, DVSA2812S, DVSA2815S, DVSA283R3S, DVSA285R2S, DVSA2805D, DVSA2812D, DVSA2815D
  • DVHF Series: DVHF2805S, DVHF2812S, DVHF2815S, DVHF283R3S, DVHF285R2S, DVHF2805SF, DVHF2812SF, DVHF2815SF, DVHF283R3SF, DVHF285R2SF, DVHF2805D, DVHF2812D, DVHF2815D, DVHF2805DF, DVHF2812DF, DVHF2815DF
  • “Typically, military and space system designers could wait months or even a year to receive expensive qualified dc-dc converters, delaying system development times and increasing cost,” said Dr. Daniel Sable, president of VPT. “With this new designation, our offshore MIL-PRF-38534 production facility, and our ability to stock qualified products, engineers can now come to VPT for fast, affordable, qualified power converter solutions.”

    VPT will continue the qualification process with the Standard Microcircuit Drawing office at DSCC to release all of these products to the U.S. Department of Defense Drawings in order to meet end-user requirements as expeditiously as possible. In addition, the company will continue to expand its offering of products with Standard Microcircuit Drawings in 2003 and beyond.

    For more information, visit www.vpt-inc.com.

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