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Vishay Releases Thin-Film, Single- and Multilayer HDIs

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. recently released new thin-film, single- and multilayer high-density interconnects (HDIs), low-noise products with enhanced signal routing and response conditioning that integrate conductor patterns and other passive components in custom resistor solutions.

Each of these patterned, thin-film substrates is designed by Vishay Electro-Films (EFI) with the customer—the two working together to develop application-specific solutions for use in microwave circuitry and hybrid circuitry in high-performance, low-noise power amplifiers; avionics; satellites; and medical instrumentation. Because of the complexity of these devices and their close relationship to end-product performance, this team-oriented approach ensures the optimum ratio of price to performance.

Vishay EFI has had distinctive success in developing and manufacturing rugged and well-defined air bridges down to a 0.001-in. width with consistent air-gap dimensions. Because multilayer HDIs are built up rather than out, they are capable of integrating a greater number of components into a much smaller footprint. Dimensions for each device may be as small as 0.02 in. × 0.02 in. or as large as 4 in. × 4 in., with thickness ranging from 0.005 in. to 0.050 in.

The new HDIs may be manufactured in designs of up to five layers and with special shapes, vias, and patterns. Each is available with a nichrome or tantalum nitride resistor element and in a variety of materials and conductor and adhesion metals. Additional options include metallized through holes, backside metallizing and patterning, wrap-around patterned edges, thick copper power line conductors, filled vias for added low-thermal-conductivity paths to a ground plate heat sink, and both aluminum and gold wire bond pads on the same substrate to provide monometallic interfaces in very high-temperature applications. Multilevel metallization is achieved using polyimide insulation. Available substrates include alumina (Al2O3), beryllium oxide (BeO), aluminum nitride (AlN), quartz, and silicon.

Vishay EFI design guidelines provide the parameters required for successful design and manufacture of each substrate. Readers may obtain a price quotation by e-mailing drawings or requirements to [email protected]. For more information, visit www.vishay.com.

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