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Vishay Introduces SMF Diode

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is offering more than 120 diode devices in the SMF (DO219-AB) package, which combines high power capability and miniaturized dimensions of 3.7 mm × 1.8 mm × 0.98 mm to allow considerable space savings on printed circuit boards.

With its industry-low package height of 0.98 mm—as much as 50% lower than competing devices—the SMF (DO219-AB) package reduces space requirements and improves circuit board density. Vishay Semiconductors diode products offered in the SMF address all industry segments and include switching, fast switching, ultrafast switching, Schottky, ESD protection, and Zener diodes.

The SMF (DO219-AB) package meets the demand for smaller and thinner diodes that enable small and light portable products, such as cellular phones, notebook PCs, and portable consumer products, as well as space-constrained automotive modules.

By maximizing power dissipation per unit of board space used, the package also serves in portable and wireless board designs that must meet strict power-management and protection requirements.

Designers will use the SMF-packaged devices as drop-in replacements for the diodes in the SOD-123FL, SOD-87, and PowerMite, compared to which the SMF offers better power handling and up to a 50% lower height profile. The SMF (DO219-AB) package can also be used to replace larger footprint devices, such as the SMA and M1F with space savings up to 40%.

For more information, visit www.vishay.com.

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