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Virtual power forum kicks off in September

This year’s Avnet Power Forum will offer more than 30 online, on-demand webinars focused on helping design engineers with topics ranging from choosing the right device, reducing electrical noise, to slashing overall engineering time. Registration is free and open now at

During the span of 24 hours the Power Forum will provide registered attendees with in-depth technical training featuring experts from Bourns, Fairchild Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, Texas Instruments and more than 18 other leading power suppliers. The technical webinars cover a range of topics such as:

Demystifying the concerns designers have about powering noise-sensitive circuits, such as ADCs, DACs, amplifiers, and PLLs, with switching regulators.

Taking a deep dive into the nuances of measuring standby power for off-line supplies and new techniques for decreasing standby power.

Exploring the tradeoffs between achieving low IQ and good dynamic performance when looking to integrate a low dropout linear voltage regulator (LDO).

Finding success in electronic application design by choosing the right power devices.

The list of participating supplier partners and webinar topics can be found at

A video preview is here:

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