Power Electronics

Vicor Releases Free Technical Seminar on CD

Vicor has announced the availability of a free technical seminar on CD called “Designing with Component Power Modules.” This highly technical video seminar provides power system designers with extensive design information in the form of audio, video, PowerPointâ presentations, and pdf documents all under browser control. The technical content includes electrical, mechanical, and thermal design; control, mounting, EMI, and paralleling considerations; module do’s and don’t, and applications.

First in a series, the CD Tech SeminarSM unfolds on two screens, one for video and the other for synchronized PowerPoint slides. The sophisticated browser gives the user the option to search the index for a specific subject, download information, link to specific sites on the Web, and much more. Throughout the presentation, titles of relevant supporting information—application notes, technical articles, data sheets, white papers, and video demonstrations—are displayed below the PowerPoint screen. By clicking the appropriate button, the subject information item can be viewed or downloaded.

A copy of this free CD can be obtained by filling out a form on the Vicor Web site at www.vicorpower.com

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