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Vicor Announces VI Chip License to Celestica

Vicor Corp. recently entered into a nonexclusive license with Celestica Inc. to manufacture and sell the V•I Chip™ (VIC) Product Family. V•I Chips are the building blocks of the new Factorized Power Architecture (FPA) that Vicor announced this past April.

V•I Chips deliver up to 240W of power in a surface-mount (SMD) ball-grid array (BGA) package occupying less than 0.25 cubic-inch of space, with power densities up to 960W per-cubic-inch—five times better than competitive products. Available in both an "in-board" BGA configuration and an "on-board" leaded SMD configuration, and capable of efficiently delivering currents greater than 100A to the point-of-load, V•I Chips set new standards for conversion efficiency, fast response to dynamic loads and low noise performance.

V•I Chips are currently available from Vicor and will soon be offered by Celestica.

For more information, visit www.vicr.com.

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