Power Electronics

Versatile Motor Test System

From SAKOR Technologies, the DynoLAB EM electric motor test system performs highly reliable testing of electric motors and other rotating electrical devices, including alternators, starters, pumps and generators. Its versatility allows it to perform a variety of tasks, such as performance testing, engineering evaluation, durability cycling, quality control validation and in-use simulation, all with a single system.

The DynoLAB EM seamlessly integrates all aspects of a typical test system, including all types of motoring and/or absorbing dynamometers, ac-dc power supplies, Hi-Pot and surge testers, precision resistance measurement, passive and active electrical loads, and flow and pressure control.

Coupled with one of SAKOR’s Accudyne ac motoring dynamometers, the DynoLAB EM system is also capable of direct measurement of parameters, such as true no-load speed and current, cogging torque, bearing and windage losses, and back-EMF generation. When testing is performed with less-capable systems, these parameters can only be estimated. So equipped, the DynoLAB EM can drive and fully test the functionality of non-motor devices, such as alternators, generators and pumps.

DynoLAB’s Test Executive Version 4.1 software is the core of every DynoLAB EM system. Based on National Instruments’ LABVIEW and SAKOR’s software architecture, it is designed to be used by test technicians and engineers who need to perform complex testing without complex programming. It offers a user-friendly graphical user interface and a convenient flow-chart method of configuring tests and controlling the system.

For more information, visit www.sakor.com.

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