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Vendor’s Grants Aid Deployment of PoE in Public Sector

PowerDsine Ltd., a company specializing in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) solutions, has launched a Public Sector Grant program that will offer a total of $100,000 worth of PoE Midspan products to qualifying healthcare, government and education institutions operating in the United States and Canadian provinces.

All grants under the PowerDsine Public Sector Grant Program award PoE Midspan solutions to eligible institutions operating in the public sector, specifically healthcare, government and education. Furthermore, eligible institutions based in the United States and Canada must possess an immediate need to implement PoE products supplied through this grant for the purpose of supporting wireless LAN, voice over IP (VoIP) or IP surveillance systems.

PowerDsine Midspans, which are fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard, allow IT managers to inject PoE into existing Ethernet networks without replacing legacy Ethernet switches. Keeping legacy equipment may result in cost-savings to many organizations in the public sector. By using a PoE Midspan in the communications closet, IT managers can deliver data, voice and power via existing Ethernet switches and cabling to end devices, such as wireless LAN access points, VoIP phones and IP surveillance cameras.

As plug-and-play devices, the addition of PowerDsine PoE Midspans to existing network infrastructure is simple and quick. A PoE Midspan that is also connected to an UPS increases the reliability of the network application in the event of a power outage. Combined with any Ethernet switch, the PoE Midspan serves as a standard-compliant power source for PoE enabled end-devices that are connected to the Ethernet network.

PowerDsine is offering three types of grant kits: the “Wireless PoE Kit,” the “Voice over IP PoE Kit” and the “IP Security PoE Kit.” All three kits are tailored to provide product support for all IEEE 802.3af-compliant devices as well as legacy devices supplied by all manufacturers, including Cisco. The average total of each of these kits is expected to be approximately $5000 of PowerDsine equipment, with a maximum set at $8000.

The PowerDsine Public Sector Grants are administered through PowerDsine. Applications are available at www.powerdsine.com or upon request from PowerDsine at 631-756-4680, ext. 431. All applications must be submitted via fax or mail to PowerDsine by July 31, 2005. Notification letters will be issued Aug. 1, 2005.

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