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UPS Remedies Power Distortion

MGE UPS SYSTEMS Inc.’s Galaxy 4000 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is designed to meet the stringent power demands of critical data centers and industrial facilities. Featuring Digital Power Quality Management along with advanced IGBT technology that virtually eliminates damaging input harmonics, the Galaxy 4000 sets a new power protection standard for today’s power-hungry computing environments.

The 40-kVA, 50-kVA, 65-kVA and 75-kVA online double-conversion Galaxy 4000 models join MGE’s Galaxy series with more than 15,000 units installed in critical data facilities worldwide. A unique feature of the new Galaxy systems is the ability to greatly improve the input power quality which increases reliability and reduces costs. To achieve this, the Galaxy’s IGBT rectifier eliminates input harmonics from the utility-supplied power and corrects the input through power factor correction. These features allow the UPS to be installed using smaller cabling and breakers as well as the lowest UPS-to-generator sizing of any UPS on the market today— saving up to 50% in generator costs. In addition, the Galaxy’s power surge stabilization system regulates voltage during surge conditions, which are common during equipment startups in IT and industrial environments.

For applications requiring extended runtimes, users can add additional battery banks to the Galaxy. For example, the 40-kVA Galaxy UPS with four battery cabinets will protect connected systems for more than 2 hr during a power outage. Because batteries have proven to be a weak link in any UPS system, MGE has incorporated advanced battery management into the new Galaxy 4000 series.

Through automated load testing of the batteries, the UPS can quickly determine precise battery performance parameters and alert operators to any irregularities before they have a chance to affect the UPS performance. In addition, automatic predictive failure analysis of the batteries allows users to know exactly when they should replace their batteries.

The versatile Galaxy 4000 series easily interfaces with the industry’s leading universal communication protocols and incorporates four communication slots that can support SNMP, J-Bus/ModBus, TCP/IP and (RS232-RS485) protocols for easy interfacing with most devices.

Available now, the Galaxy 4000 family pricing starts at $35,000 and includes a 1-year warranty.

For more information, visit www.mgeups.com.

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