Power Electronics

Ultracells Receive UL Recognition

Maxwell Technologies Inc. recently announced that its BCAP0350 “D cell” ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell packs and modules have successfully completed Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) recognition process, qualifying them to bear the UL Recognized Component Mark.

Introduced to the energy storage and power delivery component market in March 2004, the flashlight battery-sized, 2.5-V BCAP0350 ultracapacitor is based on an industry-standard form factor. In December 2004, Maxwell expanded on that standardization approach with the introduction of fully integrated 15-V packs and modules, each consisting of six BCAP0350 cells and incorporating active or passive cell balancing and pack-to-pack or module-to-module balancing. The packs are enclosed in lightweight shrink-wrap packaging; the modules are housed in a rugged aluminum chassis.

The UL recognition process includes both rigorous independent safety testing of the products themselves and ongoing in-plant audits to verify the materials and manufacturing processes used to produce them are consistent.

According to Robert Tressler, Maxwell’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, the company pursued UL recognition of the D cell family of ultracapacitor products based on customers’ positive reaction to qualification of its PC5 and PC10 small cell ultracapacitors for UL recognition three years ago.

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