Power Electronics

Ultra-stable Glass Capacitors

AVX recently announced its contribution to the Mars Exploration Rover, Spirit and its twin Rover, Opportunity, which successfully drove onto Martian soil. AVX supplied its CYR20 glass-dielectric capacitors in the mission-critical Rover Lift Mechanism actuator and Lander Petal Actuator circuits. AVX has a long-standing relationship with NASA’s space programs and has supplied passive components for many missions over the past 20 years.

The fused monolithic construction of the capacitors provides superior electrical performance, environmental immunity, stability and retraceability, making them suitable for mission-critical applications such as space travel. The CYR20 devices are designed to withstand extremely high and low temperatures and exposure to radiation.

The AVX glass capacitors used in the Rover played a vital role in the Lander Petal Actuator Electronics (LPAE) and the Rover Lift Actuator Electronics (RLAE). These circuits enable the Lander to open and adjust its petals, and enable the Rover Lift Mechanism to raise the Rover so that its wheels can be deployed to drive onto Martian terrain.

For more information, visit www.avxcorp.com.

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