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Ultra-fast Transient, Isolated Converter Powers Itanium2 Processor

Ultra-fast Transient, Isolated Converter Powers Itanium2 Processor

May 6 2003 By Ashok Bindra, Editor,PETech Ultra-fast Transient, Isolated Converter Powers Itanium2 Processor To extend its reach into the computer arena, Hudson, Mass.-based dc-dc converter maker SynQor has readied a high efficiency power Pod converter to power Intel’s Itanium2 processor. Combining advanced high-efficiency synchronous rectifier topology with planar magnetics and surface-mount technology, the HyperQor module is designed to meet the ultra-fast transient response demanded by the 64-bit enterprise-class processors. It also delivers up to 130W of power for systems using a 48V distribution bus. The peak output voltage response to a load transient of 75A-100A-75A is only 60 mV at a slew rate of 100 A/µs. According to SynQor, the HyperQor module can recover to within ±1.5% of output voltage in less than 4 µs. In fact, SynQor says the HyperQor meets or exceeds Intel specifications for 48 VIN power Pod.

Implementing an ultralow inductance output connector for maximum power delivery, the power Pod offers full-load efficiency of 87% at 1.5V with 87A at 25° It drops to 83% at 1.1V output voltage and 100A load current. Because the efficiency is high and the design employs baseplate for thermal management, the power derating is minimal at high ambient temperatures. Although, the present HyperQor module is a baseplated unit with optional heat sinking in severe thermal environments, SynQor plans to release an open frame version for applications that require a lower profile.

In addition, the power Pod module uses non-electrolytic capacitors to enhance the reliability of the product. It provides a number of protection features, including 500V input-output isolation, input undervoltage lockout, resettable input fuse, output current limit, short circuit, thermal shutdown, connector fault, and an active output crowbar. On the control end, it offers 5-bit VID programmable output, output enable signal, and power good signal.

The output voltage is programmable using 5 data bits, offering values from 0.9Vdc to 1.7Vdc in 32 discrete steps. The input range for the module is 43.2V to 52.8V. It comes in a standard form factor measuring 125 mm x 71 mm x 27.1 mm. According to the manufacturer, the part is now in production. Pricing starts at $130 in OEM quantities.

For more information, visit www.synqor.com.

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