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Tyco Unveils Newest Platform in CPS Power System

Tyco Electronics Power Systems announces the CPS6000 Power System, the newest platform in its temperature-hardened CPS Power System family. The 125-A battery reserve system is designed for xDSL, wireless, access and FTTx applications with higher power and density at a lower cost.
The CPS6000 Power System is designed to operate continuously in harsh temperature conditions, from –40°F to 167°F (-40°C to 75°C). Two shelves are available, a 23-in. shelf holding up to five rectifiers, and a 19-in. version, holding up to four. Each shelf is mid-mount, front accessible and only 12-in. (304 mm) deep. The J85470A-1 distribution module can be added by replacing a single rectifier slot. Both shelves have dual ac inputs, and the 19-in. shelf may be configured with three ac inputs, one per rectifier slot.

Each 25 A rectifier has temperature-dependent, variable-speed fans for vertical forced air-cooling. It provides a constant power output from 58 V to 48 V. The rectifiers also operate from a wide ac input voltage range, from 85 Vac to 275 Vac, enabling system designers to standardize on a single rectifier for all global applications. The CPS6000 Power System's modular design gives customers room to grow, allowing up to four shelves to be paralleled with a baffle and delivering up to 500 A of output power. The power system is designed to simplify installation and maintenance and can be pre-configured to reduce installation costs.

The feature-rich QS840A system controller has an easy to use menu-driven LCD display that provides access to system configuration, control, and status. The controller also supports battery recharge current limit, battery slope thermal compensation, shorted cell detection, periodic 20% discharge test with reserve time prediction, battery discharge voltage profile and history, load hourly and trend statistics, alarm history, configurable alarm output relays, configurable alarm inputs, field upgradeable software, isolated RS232 connector for PC or modem access and many other features.

The configurable and front accessible J85470A-1 output distribution module, provides load and battery distribution options. It can support two battery disconnect circuit breakers rated up to 60 A, two load circuit breakers rated up to 70 A, 10 GMT fuses rated up to 20 A and has landings for two battery strings. The J85470A-1 module can also be easily removed from the shelf to be replaced with another distribution option.

The CPS6000 Power System may also be used in non-battery plant applications with the shelves and rectifiers. The rectifiers are provided with isolated open-collector alarms, remote on/standby, output current-monitor and missing-module signals and will support SMBUS serial communication in the future. The CPS6000 Power System is available now; list price starts at $1600.

For more information, visit www.power.tycoelectronics.com.

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