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Tyco Electronics Releases Catalog


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Tyco Electronics Releases Catalog

Catalog 1308242, Relays, Contactors, Timers, Transformers and Circuit Breakers for General Purpose Applications is now available from Tyco Electronics. This 480-page catalog describes the major series in the firm's P&B, OEG, Products Unlimited, Schrack, Agastat and Axicom product lines. In addition, it lists Kilovac DIN-mount protective relays and Tyco Electronics automotive relays.

Among the products described in its pages are low-signal, midrange, and power relays for PC board mounting; relays with forcibly-guided contacts; plug-in/panel mount relays; power relays and definite purpose contactors; latching, impulse and rotary relays; automotive relays; solid state relays and input/output modules; and time delay relays and modules. The catalog also covers thermal and magnetic circuit breakers; transformers; sensors, monitors, and protective relays; and relay sockets and accessories.

Products described in this catalog are typically applied across a broad range of applications in many diverse industries. Some application areas include HVAC equipment, industrial machinery, security systems, appliances, traffic light controls, elevators, vending machines, medical equipment, power supplies, test gear and home entertainment systems.

A selector guide at the front of the catalog provides an overview, by general type, of the various product series. Detailed specifications for the product series can be found in subsequent sections. Question trees that may be helpful to a user in selecting a product for his/her application are included at the beginning of several product sections.

While the catalog focuses on Tyco Electronics relay products for general purpose applications, it doesn’t exclude the firm's relay products for high performance applications. A 12-page section provides an overview of the CII, Hartman and Kilovac product lines that are typically used in high performance applications.

For more information, visit www.tycoelectronics.com.

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