Power Electronics

Touch-Safe Connector Guards Against High Voltages

From Anderson Power Products, the two-pole SBS50 Finger-Proof connector features a patented housing design that protects the user by eliminating finger contact with live circuits, per EN 950 and UL 60950 specifications. The SBS50 is recommended for use with hazardous dc voltages in systems operating from 50 V to 600 V, where risk of shock can be health threatening.

The SBS50’s slim, ergonomic design is contoured to fit the operator’s grip, allowing for greater ease, with minimal effort, when connecting and disconnecting the connectors. Using APP's flat wipe contact technology, the SBS50 is rated for circuit interruption (hot plugging) under load. The SBS50’s colored-coded housings are keyed to prevent accidental mating of connectors operating at different voltage levels. Molded side grooves allow secure panel mounting for panel thickness of 0.048 to 0.062 inches, while using minimal real estate.

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