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Tool Teaches CANopen Control of Stepper Motors

Esd electronics is offering a complete CAN-STEPCON (CANopen) starter kit to enable PC users to gain experience with CANopen motion control in all stepper motor applications. This kit contains a USB-CAN interface, the CANopen stepper motor controller (CAN-STEPCON-1H), the I/O wiring, a 100-V to 240-Vac power supply and the CAN network (including a T-connector and terminations). The kit also includes documentation, drivers and operator software for Windows.

Fully programmable by the user (using C++, etc.), the starter kit is applicable for users of stepper motors in myriad industries, including the processing industries, motion control, medical equipment, automotive, electronics, aeronautics, automation and military products. Integral to this starter kit is the CAN-STEPCON-1H stopper motor controller, which meets DS301 and DS402 standards for motion control. The CAN-STEPCON-1H also provides ±3-A stepper motor output, break output and three limit switch inputs. In addition, it is easy to mount and compact (40 mm × 35 mm × 160 mm).

The CAN-USB-Mini interface module (designed according to ISO11898, with a bit rate up to 1 Mbit/s), acts as the CANopen Manager and the CAN-STEPCON-1H acts as the slave. Easy to operate, the user simply connects the components according to the software and installs the driver and tools on the user’s PC to get started. Parts of the CAN starter kit may be reused, and comply with the CiA standards and industrial requirements.

All manuals, hardware and software for the starter kit can be downloaded from esd’s Web site. The CANopen stepper motor controller is available separately as well as part of the kit.

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