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TI's Technical Support Community Tops 50,000 Members

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced that the TI E2E Community has eclipsed the 50,000 member mark, and is growing an ever larger pool of technical experts available to answer engineering questions from pre-design planning queries to troubleshooting.

Launched in April 2008, the TI E2E Community provides technical support from TIers and engineers around the world via discussion forums organized by product and application. All members can satisfy design requirements and troubleshoot problems by asking questions, as well as show off their particular area of expertise by answering the queries of other members. To join the TI E2E community and connect with more than 50,000 technical experts, go to www.ti.com/e2ejoin-pr.

"Reaching the 50,000 member milestone is just the beginning of TI's commitment to engineering technical support through the TI E2E Community," said Aimee Kalnoskas, worldwide manager for community and social media. "Our goal this year is to not only increase membership and participation, thereby increasing the TI E2E Community searchable knowledge base, but also to provide more related and relevant content in an engineer-friendly environment."

The value of the TI E2E Community is perhaps best exemplified by its top contributor, Jens-Michael Gross, a German engineer who was the first (and for six months, only) member to reach "Guru" status via the community's rewards and recognition program.

"While I originally joined the community because I had a problem that no datasheet could explain, I spent some time to follow other threads out of curiosity," Gross said. "I quickly discovered that other peoples' problems can be a source of inspiration for my own projects, and trying to understand what went wrong for them can be the first step for my own implementations. That's how I got here and why I stayed."

Features of the TI E2E Community

  • Over 50,000 engineering experts available to answer questions on everything from pre-design/specification concerns to troubleshooting needs.
  • Intuitive search architecture makes it possible to browse the over 84,000 discussion threads that have already been asked for quick access to answers and further information.
  • A unique points system recognizes members for their contributions and helps to build each user's reputation when they answer questions and comment on blog posts and forum discussions.
  • More than 15 blogs featuring industry news, trends, and hot topics. The most active subject areas include microcontrollers, power management, embedded processing, and Low Power RF & Wireless Connectivity.
  • Easy subscription features make it possible to keep up with products and tags of interest via email.
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