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TI's Engibous to Transition CEO Role

Texas Instruments (TI) recently announced that CEO Thomas J. (Tom) Engibous will transition out of the roles of president and CEO over the next four months. He will continue as the company's chairman. The TI board of directors has selected Richard K. (Rich) Templeton to become the company's next president and CEO, effective May 1. Templeton currently is chief operating officer and a 23-year veteran of TI. The transition is a planned succession that follows Templeton's selection as chief operating officer in 2000 and his election to the board of directors in 2003.

Engibous became president and CEO of the company in June 1996, and was named chairman in 1998. Under his leadership, TI focused and intensified its work in semiconductors that enable signals such as sound to be electronically processed in real-time. Known as digital signal processors and analog semiconductors, these chips are the core of today's fastest-growing electronics equipment, including wireless cell phones, digital cameras and music players, digital television, and WiFi.

Templeton was raised in upstate New York. He attended Union College, graduating in 1980 with a bachelor's of science degree in electrical engineering. Templeton joined TI the same year and steadily moved through the ranks, first in sales and marketing, then as leader of several semiconductor business units, including digital signal processing. He was named president of TI's Semiconductor Group in 1996.

For more information, visit www.ti.com.

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