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Tiny, Micropower LDO Withstands 100-V Input

Linear Technology’s LT3014 is a high-voltage, micropower, low dropout regulator (LDO) capable of delivering 20 mA of output current. The LT3014 operates with a continuous input voltage range of 3 V to 80 V and generates output voltages from 1.22 V to 60 V with a low dropout of 350 mV, making it ideal for automotive, 48-V telecom backup supplies and industrial control applications.

Quiescent currents of 7 µA (operating) and 1 µA (in shutdown) make it an excellent choice for battery-powered memory “keep alive” systems. The LT3014HV version will survive 100-V input voltage transients for a 2-ms duration, making it ideal for both telecom and automotive applications.

For high-voltage applications that require large input-to-output voltage differentials, the LT3014 offers an extremely compact and thermally effective solution. It features low-profile (0.75-mm) 3-mm × 3-mm DFN and ThinSOT packaging.

The LT3014 operates with very tiny, low-cost ceramic output capacitors, featuring stability with only 0.47 µF on the output. These tiny external capacitors can be used without any necessary series resistance as is common with many other regulators. Internal circuitry includes reverse-battery protection, current limiting, thermal limiting and reverse current protection.

The LT3014EDD and LT3014ES5 standard versions and the corresponding high-voltage versions LT3014HVEDD and LT3014HVES5 are available from stock in an 8-lead 3-mm × 3-mm DFN package and a 5-lead ThinSOT-23 package. Pricing starts at $1.19 for the standard versions and $1.36 for the HV versions for 1000-piece quantities.

For more information, visit www.linear.com.

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