Power Electronics

Tiny Battery Monitors Maximize Battery Life

Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX6775-MAX6781 battery monitors are packaged in an ultrasmall, 1-mm × 1.5-mm microDFN. They consume only 3 µA and have 1% accuracy, enabling the MAX6775-MAX6781 monitors to allow a battery to drain down further than is typically considered safe. Consequently, portable equipment operates longer from a single charge and battery replacement is delayed. These battery monitors are suitable for single Li+ or multi-cell NiMH, NiCd and alkaline cell applications in portable equipment.

Whenever a monitored battery falls below its user-adjustable or fixed threshold, a low-battery output asserts to indicate low-battery conditions. The MAX6775/MAX6776*/MAX6777 offer a single low-battery output, while the MAX6778*-MAX6781 offer dual low-battery outputs capable of monitoring two independent battery voltages. The MAX6775/MAX6777/MAX6779* have push-pull and the MAX6776/MAX6778/MAX6780* have open-drain low-battery output configurations. The MAX6781 has both one push-pull and one open-drain output. These battery monitors are available with fixed hysteresis options of 0.5%, 5% or 10% (MAX6775/MAX6776 and MAX6779/MAX6880/MAX6881), or user-adjustable hysteresis (MAX6777/MAX6778) to prevent the output from chattering due to the removal of the load.

The MAX6775-MAX6781 are available in SC70 and microDFN packages. Pricing for these devices starts at $0.89 for 1000-unit quantities.

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