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TI Unveils Step-Down DC-DC Controllers

TI Unveils Step-Down DC-DC Controllers

Expanding its TPS40K™ series of power-efficient dc-dc controllers, Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) recently announced two families of synchronous step-down, voltage-mode, dc-dc controllers with the capability of stepping down input voltage ranges from 8V to 40V and 10V to 55V. They provide added flexibility, power efficiency and ease of use for designers of high-density, 12V, 24V and higher bus power supplies for networking, telecom, wireless base stations, and computer server applications.

TI's new TPS4005x and TPS4006x lines of buck dc-dc controllers offer various user-programmable functions and features to enhance flexibility of design, including closed-loop soft-start, undervoltage lockouts (UVLO), operating frequency, voltage feed-forward, and high-side current limit. Programmable, fixed operating frequencies of up to 1 MHz are available with source and source/sink current options.

Available now, the devices supply output voltages down to 0.7 V with a precision reference of better than 1%. The TPS4005x family steps down input voltages ranging from 8V to 40V, and drives external N-channel high-side and synchronous rectifier MOSFET output transistors, providing flexibility and efficiency for power supply design. The TPS4006x family can handle input voltages ranging from 10V to 55V by driving an external P-channel MOSFET on the high side, while driving an external N-channel MOSFET for the synchronous switch. In addition, the devices' gate drive logic incorporates anti-cross conduction circuitry to prevent simultaneous high-side and synchronous rectification.

For more information, visit www.ti.com.

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