Power Electronics

Three-phase Line Filters Keep out Noise

Tyco Electronics’ line of Corcom 3-phase power line filters continues to gain acceptance in the North American electronics market. Three-phase EMI noise suppression is an important part of electrical system design for a number of industrial applications. Among the scenarios where 3-phase EMI noise can result include large motors, motor drives and other high-power electronics, including transformers and high-power induction circuitry.

The Corcom A Series 3-phase filter is designed for four wire WYE applications and provides filtering in each of the three lines plus filtering in the neutral and ground lines. They provide common-mode and differential mode suppression from 50 kHz up to 30 MHz. A Series 3-phase filters are suitable for balanced and unbalanced 3-phase loads ranging from 20 A up to 60 A.

For Delta applications, Tyco Electronics has designed the Corcom ADT Series 3-phase filter. The ADT Series filter has very high insertion loss and is especially applicable for motor drive installations requiring compliance with European EMC directives. ADT filters are available for applications ranging from 63 A up to 200 A and are available with common or differential mode coils. In extremely noisy Delta applications, the FCD Series filter is available. FCD filters attenuate conducted interference at low- and high-frequency ranges, and protect components like PLCs from RF noise on the ac power line. Often, the FCD filter is used in frequency inverter systems and variable speed motor drives. Current ratings for the FCD series range from 6 A up to 50 A. Contact Tyco for pricing and availability of these products.

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