Power Electronics

Three-in-One Power Controller Features Precise Regulation

Intersil has announced the ISL6534, a high efficiency, cost competitive, 3-in-1 PWM solution for providing two synchronous buck voltage outputs and a linear controller output. The device powers next-generation Double Data Rate (DDR) memory supplies for servers, motherboards, I/Os, FPGAs and embedded processors, as well as graphic cards and other system electronics.

This versatile triple regulator has two independent synchronous-rectified buck controllers with integrated 12-V gate drivers and a linear controller, and provides precision regulation of up to three voltage rails. Each output has an internal 0.8% accurate reference for regulating any voltage down to as low as 0.6 V. An optional shunt regulator allows 12-V-only operation, when a 5-V supply is not available.

The ISL6534 is available now in standard lead finish and Pb-free, and either a 32-lead thermally enhanced 5-mm× 5-mm QFN package or a 24-lead exposed pad TSSOP package. The suggested price in 10,000 unit quantities is $1.50 for each IC.

For more information, visit www.intersil.com.

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