Power Electronics

Thermal Controllers and Fan Trays

Degree Controls Inc. (degreeC) recently introduced the new PRONTOflow brand line of off-the-shelf, programmable thermal management products. DegreeC has distilled its many years of thermal experience into a line of PRONTOflow brand fully programmable thermal controllers and fan trays that allow an engineer a wide range of options for managing thermal issues while working within power, acoustic and other constraints on specific applications.

The PRONTOflow controller accepts single- or dual-voltage inputs, is configured to accept 36 Vdc to 60 Vdc and provides regulated voltage to a system of up to nine fans. Full communication to a host system is provided by both I2C and RS232 protocols. The controller card will work with local or remote sensors to provide closed loop temperature-based fan RPM control, fan synchronization, failure monitoring and status reporting, filter blockage detection, and comes with software allowing easy reprogramming of threshold alarms and fan speeds from a Windows-based PC. For less demanding applications, the line also includes PRONTOflow Controller Lite to manage up to four fans and a Flow Monitor card for simple monitoring of up to four fans. Separate power boards are available for ac-dc conversion and for wide range dc inputs.

For customers wanting complete fan trays, the PRONTOflow line also includes standard Flow Trays of three, six, or nine fans with a choice of controller cards and fan capacities.

For more information, visit www.degreec.com.

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