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Textiles Intelligence Cosponsors SFIT Market Research

Textiles Intelligence will cosponsor Venture Development Corp.’s (VDC) smart fabrics and interactive textiles (SFIT) market research study.

Textiles Intelligence is a provider of global business information to the international fiber, textile and apparel industry. Through this partnership, Textiles Intelligence will share with VDC its proprietary information and access. Textiles Intelligence's experience in this field will:

  • Enhance and further develop the contents and scope of the report based on its knowledge of world textile and apparel trade and production trends, business opportunities in the global market place, and innovations and technological developments in the industry.
  • Bolster VDC's primary research program, based on its massive proprietary database.

VDC's research program, based on extensive interview lists with suppliers, integrators, and users of products enhanced by SFIT technologies, will include:

  • Detailed market definitions and segmentations
  • Market estimates and forecasts
  • Key vertical and application market analyses
  • Analysis of leading SFIT suppliers and integrators
  • Customer requirements and preferences
  • Standards update
  • Commercialization strategies.

With this study, VDC is turning its attention to the global market for smart fabrics and interactive textiles. Already, a number of companies are researching, designing, producing, and marketing prototype SFIT-enabled products. Not all of them are garments or accessories. Literally thousands of common consumer and advanced industrial products are candidates for the incorporation of SFIT technologies.

SFIT may represent one of those unique opportunities in technology, where a number of market trends and technical advances are combining to drive massive demand for new capabilities. Proliferation of wireless computing, control, and communications continues, as does the field of advanced materials— MEMs and nanotechnology. Together with a host of other related forces, they are creating an environment almost ideal for massive revenue and profit opportunities from the sale of SFIT technologies, and solutions enhanced by SFIT technologies. This study will identify and describe these forces and trends, and provide detailed analyses of many more opportunities and issues.

More information about the study is available at www.vdc-corp.com/components/works/br03-02.html.

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