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Texas Instruments Ramps Up Digital Power Hardware, Software, Support

To simplify digital power supply design, Texas Instruments expanded its TMS320C2000 microcontroller (MCU) digital power portfolio of controlSUITE software, tools and training. The new offering allows analog power supply designers to get up to speed with digital power supply design and helps developers to jumpstart digital power design based on TI's C2000 Piccolo MCUs. TI provides three steps to achieving the company's goal of making it easier to leverage benefits of digital power. The decision to go analog vs digital power largely depends on varying design needs. A broad portfolio of digital and analog solutions supports these needs.

1. Cost efficiently optimize design regardless of programming experience

  • Free, open source, modular digital power library for every design stage
  • Intuitive installation with automatic upgrade option via controlSUITE software
  • Fully leverage the C2000 Piccolo MCU performance, peripherals and control law accelerator (CLA)

2. Five C2000 kits help the designer learn the intricacies of digital power Supply design

  • High voltage digital PFC Developer's Kit
  • Digital Power Experimenter's Kit
  • C2000 MCU DC-DC Power Supply Developer's Kit
  • C2000 MCU AC-DC Power Supply Developer's Kit
  • Application-specific kits with digital power support, such as the dual motor control.

3. Hands-on training and support

  • Hands-on 3-day workshop
  • Day 1: Introduction to Digital Power
  • Day 2: Digital PSU Design
  • Day 3: Digital Peak Current Mode using the Piccolo MCU's CLA (control law accelerator)
  • Free online digital power workshop
  • E2E community, documentation, schematics, layout & BOM

Available C2000 MCU-based power supply design software

  • Control 2-pole/2-zero
  • Control 3-pole/3-zero
  • Inverse Square function
  • Current Command
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Sync Driver with Deadband
  • DLOG 4channel
  • DLOG 1channel
  • IBM method Full Bridge Driver
  • Power Factor 2-phase Interleaved Driver
  • Buck Single Output Driver
  • Phase Shifted Full Bridge Driver
  • Analog-Digital Converter Driver

For additional information contact:
Michael Wei
[email protected]
(713) 513-9576
Also, go to TI's C2000 forum at http://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/default.aspx (questions generally get answered very fast here).

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