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Texas Instruments Introduces Two Flyback Power Solutions

Texas Instruments has introduced two flyback power solutions which achieve the highest energy efficiency and lowest standby power consumption, for 5W to 100W AC/DC power supplies, says the company.

The UCC28910 700V flyback switcher and UCC28630 high-power, Green-Mode controller expand TI’s established portfolio of flyback controllers covering the complete power range of AC/DC adapters and power supplies used in personal electronics, printers, white goods and smart meters.

Combining high density with high efficiency, the UCC28910 switcher with integrated high-voltage power MOSFET achieves the industry’s best stand-by power consumption for 5W to 10W designs and features the lowest constant-current output tolerance of 5 percent, providing an accurate, maximum current across different input voltages. Additionally, the UCC28630 controller’s ability to support primary side regulation (PSR) technology improves reliability in 10W to 100W power supplies.

Key features and benefits of the UCC28910 and UCC28630: 1 – Highest efficiency: The UCC28910 achieves 80 percent average efficiency in 7.5W designs and 78 percent efficiency at a 10 percent load. The UCC28630 achieves greater than 88 percent average efficiency in 65W to 130W designs, and industry-best 87 percent efficiency at a 10 percent load. 2 – Lowest stand-by power consumption: Meets and exceeds European Commission (EC) standby regulations, including the IPP 5-star mobile charger rating of less than 30mW power performance for no-load, stand-by power and the EC Code of Conduct (Tier 1 and 2) for 5W to 10W designs (UCC28910) and for 30W designs (UCC28630). 3 – Improved reliability: Both flyback solutions support primary side regulation and eliminate the need for an optocoupler feedback circuit to increase reliability.

Designers can speed time to market using any of six available fully-tested PowerLab reference designs. Samples and production quantities of the UCC28910 and UCC28630 will be available in April 2014 in 7-pin SOIC packages, says the company.

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