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Temperature-Regulated CC-CV Battery Charger

Temperature-Regulated CC-CV Battery Charger

Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX1501 is the first linear charger to integrate constant temperature regulation. This regulation minimizes charge time with improved reliability and accepts regulated or unregulated wall adapters with 4.5V to 13V outputs.

The proprietary thermal regulation automatically adjusts the charging current to avoid excessive power dissipation and to limit PCB temperature during constant-current, constant-voltage (CC-CV) charging. This minimizes charge time without degrading reliability. The thermally enhanced, 16-pin QFN package (5 mm × 5 mm) enables charge current up to 1.4A.

To provide complete flexibility, the MAX1501 charges both lithium-ion (Li+) and NiMH batteries and regulates the output voltage in a no-battery condition. This flexible charging control allows users to program the fast-charge current up to 1.4A, the top-off current, and the safety timer (3 hr, 4.5 hr, or 6 hr) for cell phones, PDAs, and digital still cameras.

The MAX1501 accepts a 4.5V to 13V input voltage range, but disables charging when the input voltage exceeds 6.5V to prevent excessive power dissipation. Other features include a charge-current monitor, charging status indicators for LED or logic, and auto-restart when the battery voltage falls below 4V.

For more information, visit www.maxim-ic.com.

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